[Abuse #KXCJFZBMTD] OVH: SBL notification


Your service ip- has been reported as a high threat for OVH’s Network by Spamhaus.

The Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit organization that monitors spam and related cyber threats such as phishing, malware and botnets.

Technical details showing the aforementioned problem below.

You should investigate and fix this issue as fast as possible, as it constitutes a violation of our terms of service.

In order to fix this issue, we recommend you to follow the following steps :

1. Reinstall a previous safe backup of the reported service, otherwise, delete every suspicious files to avoid being infected afterward.
2. Change your password (FTP, CMS, Database, …).
3. Update / Upgrade your CMS and / or Operating System to install the new vulnerability patches.
4. Be sure that every single threat has been removed before any reply.

If you need assistance, you can reach our support or contact an IT professional.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.

Until then, we might have to suspend your service to protect our network.


The OVH Abuse team.

— start of the technical details —

SBL539607 — The Spamhaus Project — SBL International Anti-Spam System

Hello ovh.net Abuse Desk,

This is an automated message from the Spamhaus Block List (SBL) database
to advise that the IP below has been added to sbl.spamhaus.org:



RedLineStealer botnet controller @

SBL Ref: SBL539607

The reason for listing the IP address(es) is explained at the url:

— end of the technical details —

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