[Abuse #KMGBXZWQNS] Abusive use of your service ns509361.ip-192-99-1.net

We received a copyright infringement complaint regarding an abuse content hosted on your service.

— start of the technical details —
Cloudflare received a DMCA copyright infringement complaint regarding:

Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare does not control the content of our customers.

The actual host for zonk.watch are the following IP addresses. Using the following command, you can confirm the site in question is hosted at that IP address: curl -v -H «Host: zonk.watch»

Below is the complaint we received:

Reporter’s Name: Ekaterina Smirnova
Copyright Holder’s Name:
Reporter’s Email Address: email-removed@provider.com
Reporter’s Company Name: Star Media LLC.
Reporter’s Telephone Number: +74993565400
Reporter’s Address: Building 1, 31, Nizhnie Polya Str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 109 382 Moscow, Moscow RU

Reported URLs:


Original Work: ARTCONTENT LLC. belongs all intellectual property rights in and to the following La Funeraria (film, 2020, Director Mauro Iván Ojeda) (hereinafter – “content”).

We have discovered that content is used without authorization of the copyright holder on the website zonk.watch.

Subject to all the above, we demand TO IMMEDIATELY STOP THE USE OF CONTENT, whereas it is used unlawfully and with violation of intellectual property rights of the copyright holder. In case of failure to comply with the above demand, gives copyright holder the right to take protective measures against the party involved in the violation of copyright holder’s rights, including by taking pre-action remedies via courts.

You may be held liable for failing to expeditiously comply with the takedown demands set forth herein.

On behalf of the respective owner of the exclusive rights to the copyrighted material at issue in this notice, I hereby state, pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title 17 United States Code Section 512, that I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owners, their respective agents, or the law.

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that the information in this notice is accurate and that we are authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the exclusive rights being infringed as set forth in this notification.

Please contact us should you have any questions.


Please address this issue with your customer.


Cloudflare Abuse \— Forwarded email(s) —

— end of the technical details —

Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

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