[Abuse #XHKSGLMPWD] Abusive use of your service ns3187205.ip-51-195-60.eu

Очень странная жалоба была в марте.


The hosting of an abusive content (Copyright) on your dedicated server ns3187205.ip-51-195-60.eu has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.

Technical details (such as URLs) showing the aforementioned problem follow :

— start of the technical details —
\— about — \— description follows — is running a socalled «private server» of the MMORPG Metin2, where we own the exclusive right to publish it in the area of concern. The original and licensed work can be found here: https://gameforge.com/en-us/play/metin2

We are the owners of the exclusive license of that game and authorized as agents to act in the name of trademark owner,
242, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu Pangyo Digital Contents Park B Dong
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Sampyeong-dong

With the infringing client distributed on the website the user is able to play the illigal copy on the infringing server. Additionally the website does monetize this illegal copy and is expected to evade taxation.

The game published on the website is not controlled nor ran by the official licensed publisher.

Further information about the trademark itself can be found with USPDO under the following:

Serial Number: 79112894
Reg. Number: 4570286
Word Mark: Metin 2

Fabian Meiler,
Legal Counsel,
Gameforge 4D GmbH, Albert-Nestler-Strae 8, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
\— logs follow — Gameserver-IP:
Testserver-IP: Category: copyright \— Forwarded email(s) —

— end of the technical details —

Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

Я ответил на абузу и сбросил в rescue и передал сервер владельцу. Но история на этом не закончилась.
За неделю (15 мар в 15:26) прилетает пост-фактум:


We have been alerted that your service ns3187205.ip-51-195-60.eu was used for a fraudulent activity (streaming of copyrighted materials).

Such activity is violating our terms and conditions and therefore we terminate your contract without prior notice.

We may also terminate all the services currently subscribed with your customer ID.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

Я ответил им тогда. А за 2 дня (17 мар в 15:46) прилетает ответ(это впервые за 6 лет когда ответил абуз отдел):


you are now able to access the Manager again. From there you will be able to see that you are the billing NiC for this server.

Please explain with more details why you claim not being in any connection with this server.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

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