Здравствуйте, в наш адрес поступила жалоба на ваш сервер с ip-адресом, просим принять меры. Ниже приводим текст жалобы:

Dear Provider,

The BitNinja team would like to inform you about an INCIDENT, COMING FROM YOUR NETWORK. (IP address It means someone intruded into your system, so please examine the case and do the neccessary security steps.

You can find the detailed logs about the detected malicious attempt in the incident report:


If you need any help with interpreting the report, please check our documentation site (https://doc.bitninja.io/investigations.html) or contact us by email.

This IP address has been placed to our greylist and all the servers protected by BitNinja will reject any communication from this IP address. If the attacks keep coming, the IP will stay in our greylist or will be placed to our blacklist for a longer period.

If you need further information about the issue, or you think this IP is listed incorrectly, do not hesitate to contact us at info@bitninja.io.

To prevent incidents (e.g. incoming and outgoing hacker attacks, cms /joomla, wordpress, drupal/ hacks, forum spammer bots, email harvesters and other harmful botnets) in the future, please take a look at our server defense network. It works with no redirection and can be installed with one-line code. For more information about our server defense solution, visit our website

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