[AbuseID:CC21FD:1F]: AbuseNormal: Abuse Form: attacks/(d)dos (

We have received an abuse report for your IP address

Please check the report for details and fix any (potential) problems:

10/07/2023 from 6:35 to 6:48 CET we had 234 failed login to our client VPN with users guest, helpdesk, support, user1, user2, user3, …

Log extract:
1,2023/07/10 06:48:52,012001041753,GLOBALPROTECT,0,2561,2023/07/10 06:48:42,vsys1,portal-auth,login,LDAP,,user3,DE,,,,,,,,,Browser,,1,,Invalid username or password,,failure,,0,,1,Portal-Beghelli,7230755340361490220,0x8000000000000000,2023-07-10T06:48:42.800+02:00,,,,,,123,53,0,0,,PAN01MON,1

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