Abuse Message [AbuseID:C09227:17]: AbuseNormal: Abuse Form: copyright/trademark violations (uzdown.space)

 Name: Łukasz Czekajewski
 E-Mail: copyright.ik@antipiracyprotection.info
 Sprache: en
 Datenweitergabe: BEWILLIGT
 Quelle: uzdown.space
 Kategorie: Urheberrecht/Markenrecht
 DATE: 2023-02-23
 NoticeID: APP_20230223_7529_1143315P
 Notice of Claimed Infringement on uzdown.space (IP:
 Dear hetzner.com,
 We, Anti-Piracy Protection are contacting you on behalf of Disney Enterprises, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies («Disney») who own or control, or are authorized to enforce by the owner of, one or more exclusive rights under copyright to the works identified below, including the right to distribute such works.
 We are writing to you in connection with your provision of hosting and other services to an Internet website operating under the domain name uzdown.space (IP: («Website»). The Website is providing unauthorized access to Disney’s intellectual property. The Website and its users are reproducing and making available Disney’s works, and thereby infringe Disney’s copyrights in direct violation of applicable copyright laws. When accessing the video player found on http://uzmovi.com/tarjima-kinolari/5063-avatar-2-suv-yoli-premyera-uzbek-ozbek-tilida.html, the network traffic reveals the video streaming with Disney’s intellectual property originates from http://n124.uzdown.space/download/1080p/uzmovi.com%20avatarr%202%20full%20hd.mp4, which is hosted or transmitted by your IP address
 Anti-Piracy Protection is sending this notice on the basis of a good faith belief that the use of the works in the manner complained of is not authorized by Disney, its agents, or the law. Anti-Piracy Protection believes the information in this notification to be accurate and states under penalty of perjury that Anti-Piracy Protection is authorized to act on behalf of Disney, the owner of exclusive rights.
 Listed below is a representative sample of infringement by Website:
 Ms. Marvel (2022)
 The works that Website is providing using your servers and services are blatantly infringing Disney’s intellectual property rights. Anti-Piracy Protection therefore requests that hetzner.com immediately remove and disable all access to the infringing works.
 Lastly, we ask that you inform us of your client’s valid contact and identity details in order to be able to contact the infringer directly.
 This letter is without prejudice to Disney’s rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved. Please let me know if you require additional information. We look forward to your response.
 Łukasz Czekajewski
 On behalf of Anti-Piracy Protection as an agent for Disney
 Dominikańska 21b
 02-738 Warsaw
 +48 602227227
 For responses to this notice, please write to: internet.enforcement@disney.com.

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