Abuse Message [AbuseID:BEAC03:29]: AbuseNormal: Fwd: Message meets Alert condition

We have received information regarding spam and/or abuse from your server:

The following critical firewall event was detected: SSL VPN login fail.
date=2023-02-06 time=13:40:03 devname=*********** devid=***************
eventtime=1675708803722127889 tz=»-0500″ logid=»0101039426» type=»event»
subtype=»vpn» level=»alert» vd=»root» logdesc=»SSL VPN login fail»
action=»ssl-login-fail» tunneltype=»ssl-web» tunnelid=0 remip=
user=»test» group=»N/A» dst_host=»N/A»
reason=»sslvpn_login_permission_denied» msg=»SSL user failed to logged in»

Please take all necessary measures to avoid this in the future.

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