Abuse Message [AbuseID:BA4A10:1E]: AbuseInfo: {Spam?} abuse report about — 2022-12-20T23:42:12+0330

 The IP address (DE/Germany/static. was found attacking cpanel on shared.worldbus.co 5 times in the last 300 seconds.
 Attached is an X-ARF report (see http://www.xarf.org/specification.html) and the original log report that triggered this block.
 Abuse Contact for [abuse@hetzner.com]
 The Abuse Contact of this report was provided by the Abuse Contact DB by abusix.com. abusix.com does not maintain the content of the database. All information which we pass out, derives from the RIR databases and is processed for ease of use. If you want to change or report non working abuse contacts please contact the appropriate RIR. If you have any further question, contact abusix.com directly via email (info@abusix.com). Information about the Abuse Contact Database can be found here:
 abusix.com is neither responsible nor liable for the content or accuracy of this message.

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