Abuse Message [AbuseID:B8AEB5:17]: AbuseNormal: [KF/ISAC] Warning! Unauthorized Access Trial!

Dear Network Manager :

This warning is from the Financial Security Institute(FSI) of Korea.

Our job is to protect Korean financial organizations from illegal intrusion attacks.

We have received a report of unauthorized access trial originating from your site as shown below.


Date/Time(GMT+9) Source IP Destination IP Attack Type
2022-11-30 12:11:05~2022-11-30 12:11:05 F-INV-AUT-170323-FCKEditor_defaultpage_access_attempt
2022-11-30 12:11:33~2022-11-30 12:11:05 F-INV-AUT-170323-FCKEditor_defaultpage_access_attempt

We are seriously considering notifying these illegal attempts to the related authorities of both your and our countries and requesting proper legal actions.

So, please take appropriate measures to identify and stop the attacker. And, please inform us of the results. (isac@fsec.or.kr)

Thank you for your cooperation.

p.s. : If you are not the correct person to deal with this incident, please forward this to the proper person and inform us for future convenience.

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