[Abuse #ZLVSDKWCJX] Abusive use of your service ip-


An abusive behaviour (Intrusion) originating from your IP ip- has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.

Technical details showing the aforementioned problem follow :

— start of the technical details —
Dear Sir or Madam,

Unfortunately you were mistakenly sent an abuse email. This was caused by an automated detection system. Please ignore the previous email, the abuse case has been closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Important note:
When replying to us, please leave the abuse ID [AbuseID:972FA5:21] unchanged in the subject line.

Kind regards

Martin Fritzsche

Hetzner Online GmbH
Industriestr. 25
91710 Gunzenhausen / Germany
Tel: +49 9831 505-0
Fax: +49 9831 505-3

Register Court: Registergericht Ansbach, HRB 6089
CEO: Martin Hetzner, Stephan Konvickova, Günther Müller

For the purposes of this communication, we may save some
of your personal data. For information on our data privacy
policy, please see: www.hetzner.com/datenschutzhinweis \— Forwarded email(s) —

— end of the technical details —

Your should investigate and fix this problem

In the event of a new report, please be aware that we may have to take action against your service.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

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