Abuse Message [AbuseID:929E75:22]: AbuseNormal: Notification | Hosting infringing domains

Dear Sir/Madam

Associao para a Defesa do Ciberespao (ACDE), a Portuguese non-profit cybersecurity association, whose goal is to improve the protection of Copyright and related rights, as well as the pursuit of a transparent and legitimate use of cyberspace, has been informed of the following: The IP (Internet Protocol) address, which belongs to Hetzner Online GmbH, is currently associated with the unauthorized live transmission of the encoded signal of certain sports channels. Taking into consideration a recent judicial decision issued by the Portuguese Intellectual Property Court, which allowed ISPs to monitor and block IP addresses that provide unauthorized transmissions of the encoded signal of certain sports channels (as is the above referred IP’s case), this notification warns you of the following:

1. Hetzner Online GmbH shall immediately stop hosting the infringing service in one of their IPs;

2. The IP address will be temporarily blocked in order to protect the rightsholder’s legitimate interests;

3. If the IP address continues with unauthorized transmissions, Hetzner Online GmbH may be considered as cooperating with a criminal act, and referenced or reported for the practice of several crimes, such as copyright infringement. For any additional clarifications, please contact us by e-mail.

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