Abuse Message [AbuseID:89F7CD:25]: AbuseNormal: Copyright infringement claimt at cheap-flussonic.com

I am a representative of the Russian Shield Association, a non-profit
organization whose main activity is copyright protection, including on
the Internet.One of the members of the Association is Erlivideo LLC
We were unable to contact the site administrator.
  Please contact them directly regarding our copyright infringement
claim and provide us with their actual contact details. Thank you!

   ————— Copyright Infringement Statement ————————

When reviewing a copyright infringement report, we
found an illegal file (information) on your server:


This is illegal modification (hacking) and commercial distribution of
illegally modified versions of programs:
«Flussonic Media Server»
the copyright holder Erlivideo LLC a member of the Russian Shield
Association (authorized representative)
Official page of the software product:

The copyright holder of Erlivideo LLC and the Russian Shield Association
do not give the right to publish and commercially use any modified
versions or hacks for the product on the Internet.

Claim: delete an illegal file (block downloading from a link from the site)

Please let us know if you need any additional information.

Please remove repo.cheap-flussonic.com and cheap-flussonic.com from our network within the next 24 hours.

This site violates multiple copyrights.

If the site is not removed within the next 24 hours the IP will be suspended.

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