[Abuse #QXJRZSHFMV] Abusive use of your service ns3026358.ip-149-202-73.eu


The hosting of an abusive content (Copyright) on your dedicated server ns3026358[.]ip-149-202-73[.]eu has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.

Technical details (such as URLs) showing the aforementioned problem follow :

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We, Isola Dynamics, as legal agents for RUSSIAN REPORT LLC assert that
RUSSIAN REPORT LLC is the copyright holder of : («The Father»)

We refer to the links listed at the end of this document.

This is an official notification, under the Federal law d.d.24.11.2014 of the Russian Federation, that the referenced links contravene the rights of the lawful copyright holder.

We insist that you immediately remove, or disable access to, the infringing links and content, and to any other such infringing links or content as you may host and that you prevent the infringer, or any other infringer of whom you may become aware, posting infringing content, or links to infringing content, on your computers in future.

Should you fail to comply with this notification, you may be liable to prosecution.

Should you have any queries regarding this notification please contact the undersigned AFTER you have complied with this email.


OOO Isola Dynamics

List of links




Category: copyright

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Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

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