Abuse Message [AbuseID:8432E5:27]: Spam

 I am a sysadmin for Cumby Telephone Coop.
 Our log analysis indicates that a user on your network tried to
 crack our server as part of a distributed dictionary attack.
 The log exerpts follow. Times are CDT (UTC-0500).
 On dns.cumbytel.com (
 Mar 17 13:50:47 dns dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected: Inactivity (auth failed, 3 attempts in 179 secs): user=<maspears@cumbytel.com>, method=LOGIN, rip=, lip=, TLS, session=<ltxV67+9GMZOL/MG>
 Let me know if you need any more information.
 Bob McClure, Jr. Bobcat Open Systems, Inc.
 bob@bobcatos.com https://www.bobcatos.com
 Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them? declares
 the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord.
 Jeremiah 23:24

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