Abuse Message [AbuseID:81F251:23]: AbuseNormal: Esclation: Copyright complaint : ninjastream.to _ Hetzner

 we have reported at <abuse@hetzner.com> a copyright infringement detected
 within your network :
 tickets [AbuseID:80A9A0:16] and [AbuseMailID:MU-039E5542-1:1E].
 We draw your attention that we are reporting the fileservers within your
 network where the detected counterfeit files are hosted. We are not talking
 about the IP frontend of the site in question which is within
 another network.
 The issue has been reported since 22 January. However it is still not fixed.
 *We ask you to review the issue and to fix it asap.*
 The fileservers in question:,,,,,,,
 The counterfeit files to remove :
 Date Rightholder Country Title URL
 14/12/20 09:00 Eagle Pictures ita Gli anni pi belli
 14/12/20 09:00 Eagle Pictures ita La campionessa Ride like a girl
 17/12/20 16:00 Eagle Pictures ita Weekend
 17/12/20 16:15 Eagle Pictures ita Antebellum
 21/12/20 14:00 Eagle Pictures ita The hero
 25/12/20 15:00 AB Droits Audiovisuels fra Spycies
 01/01/21 19:15 Lucky Red ita La Vita Straordinaria di David Copperfield
 15/01/21 14:15 Eagle Pictures ita Sul pi Bello
 18/01/21 18:44 Eagle Pictures ita Acqua alla gola
 22/01/21 21:15 Lucky Red ita Greenland
 22/01/21 21:15 Leone Film Group ita Il Giorno Sbagliato
 24/01/21 17:45 Dominus Production ita Unplanned
 05/02/21 11:00 SND fra Le Bonheur des uns…
 07/02/21 15:15 Orange Studio fra Boutchou
 2021/02/11 13:45:24 Lucky Red ita Lezioni di Persiano
 2021/02/11 13:45:25 Eagle Pictures ita Un sogno per te
 2021/02/11 21:30:17 Lucky Red ita Guida Romantica A Posti Perduti
 2021/02/12 16:30:11 Condor Entertainment fra Sac dos (La maison sur le
 lac) (S1) https://ninjastream.to/watch/w1ymMdWLOZJrb/
 2021/02/16 10:15:34 SND fra Les Apparences
 2021/02/17 23:00:22 Eagle Pictures ita Fukushima 50
 example: https://ninjastream.to/watch/YnqAK5y2jZ2PJ
 fileserver < d1a38wqgin.nincontent.com > IP
 [image: image.png]
 We look forward to hearing from you soon with a proper solution.
 Best regards,
 CoPeerRight Agency
 Legal Department
 Tel. : +33 1 49 03 07 44
 30-32 boulevard de Sbastopol
 75004 Paris
 E-mail : legal@co-peer-right-agency.com
 Internet : http://www.co-peer-right-agency.com
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