[Abuse #VHLFKBCXPR] Abusive use of your service ns370949.ip-94-23-253.eu


The hosting of an abusive content (Phishing) on your dedicated server ns370949.ip-94-23-253.eu has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.

Technical details (such as URLs) showing the aforementioned problem follow :

— start of the technical details —
\— about — jofacademy.com \— description follows — This site is impersonating our own game community page (located at jofacademy.eu) and is attempting to get login credentials from our users.

Our community is based around the game called Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, and this person is also hosting a game server impersonating as ours on your domain, under the ip This is a more than basic impersonation attempt with fake bots modded to show as real clients impersonating our community members.

Our real server is also hosted through OVH, under the ip which you can compare and confirm.

I am contacting on behalf of our community and can provide credentials you request to prove im representing the real owners. Looking forward to a speedy reply. \— logs follow — jofacademy.com impersonating jofacademy.eu.

game server: impersonating Category: phishing \— Forwarded email(s) —

— end of the technical details —

Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.


The OVHcloud Abuse team.

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