Important Notice: Abuse Report

Abuse Agent (OVH US)

Jan 23, 5:06 PM EST

Good Day,

We have received reports that your IP listed in the subject line above is issuing malicious trafficAs this is a violation of our Terms of Service, we request that you address these reports immediately. Failure to respond to this notice may ultimately result in the suspension of your service(s).

Please see below for proof:

* IP Address:
* Type of the detected threat: Malware:URL
* URL:
* Domain name:

Please respond with acknowledgment of receipt of this notice and any information you may have regarding these reports, including any actions taken, or that will be taken, to halt the issuance of malicious traffic. If you feel these reports are unfounded, please provide evidence as such.

Thank you for your swift action and cooperation in the matter. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please respond directly to this notice.


Policy Enforcement Specialist

И ответ от абуз отдела:

Abuse Agent (OVH US)

Jan 24, 10:56 AM EST


Thank you for the prompt reply and action taken, it is appreciated.

We will close the case as resolved for now, if anything further comes in we will reach out here again.


Policy Enforcement Specialist


Хотя честно говоря, это не наша абуза так как там не был даже FO IP прикреплен к серверу.

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