[Abuse #KWBGNDQFHM] Action taken on ip-


Regarding the abuse (Phishing) reported to you on your service ip-, we are forced to put your service offline to stop the abuse.

For the record, you’ll find below the list of URLs pointing to the phishing webpage(s) you’re hosting:

* http://snif-f.ru

It is possible that some of those URLs are not accessible right now, because our anti-phishing system might have been activated, protecting victims of this type of fraud, while you’re working to fix the problem.

It is crucial to NOT put your service back online (using your customer panel) before ensuring that it’s properly secured, otherwise it’ll be hacked again and the abuse will come back, in which case we could be forced to take additional measures to keep the OVH network safe.

Do not forget to answer this ticket once the problem has been solved, precising which measures you’ve taken to ensure your service has been secured.


The OVH Abuse team.

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