[Abuse #TQBXMFPNZH] Abusive use of your service ip-


An abusive behaviour (Other) originating from your IP ip- has been reported to or noticed by our Abuse Team.

Technical details showing the aforementioned problem follow :

— start of the technical details —
\— about — \— description follows — Dear OVH Support,

I run an online community for kids and teens that also has a public Discord server. Recently, a person joined the Discord who personally attacked me and used my Facebook avatar, as well as sending it to members of the server. (I had not shown myself before, and did not intend to)

Usernames such as «kill yourself slowly», «just die already», «rapes children» and others were repeatedly used to insult me. In the meantime, there are almost 60 accounts that we had to ban. Discord bans IPs, so this person needs to use a VPN to join again.

The person has also logged in to my platform, and it seems they have made a mistake with one of their accounts, because instead of the IP address of the VPN, it was an OVH IP address. I think that this person creates the accounts through these servers and thus runs several illegal acts via your hoster.

I would like to avoid a lawsuit and would like to cooperate with you (OVH), as this person is clearly pursuing copyright infringement when using my image, making threats and repeatedly trying to make our game look bad.

I’ve prepared a GIF for you, with a listing of some of the banned accounts. A few accounts are not listed or have different names. — https://imgur.com/a/Vs3hsqi

If you want to know something, you can reach me via the provided e-mail address. I would be happy to help.

Thank you. \— logs follow — Discord Usernames (to name just a few): Robin’smutilatedMicroPenis, RobinAutisticVirgin, RobinDrinksSemen, RobinfuckedThommy’sDog, RobinFucksCorpses, RobinfucksOysters, RobinGetsAnallyRapedDaily, RobinGetsBulliedIntoSelfharm, RobinHasAids, RobinHasAMicroPenis, RobinHasAutism, RobinJerksOffThommy’sCock, RobinLicksThommy’sAss, RobinLicksToiletSeats, RobinLikesToSmellFarts, RobinNeedsToPerish, RobinRapesChildren, RobinRapesGrannies, RobinSonOfaWhore, Robinsucksmanpenises, RobinTheInbredChild, RobinwillDieAsaVirgin, RobinWon’tBeMournedDIENOW

In addition to Discord, the person created several accounts on our platform, making the mistake of not hiding the real IP address. This IP address is registered to OVH and is used to commit illegal acts against a targeted person, including strong insults and copyright infringement. Category: other \— Forwarded email(s) —

— end of the technical details —

Your should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service.

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you’ve taken to stop the abusive behaviour.


The OVH Abuse team.

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