[Online] Warning — new security alert A-228008

Dear Sir/Madam,

We act on behalf of Sky UK Limited (“our client”). Our client is one of the leading providers of pay television and home entertainment services in the UK and Ireland. It owns the exclusive rights in its broadcasts (“Sky programming”). It charges a prescribed fee to customers to view the Sky programming, and it does not authorise any party to rebroadcast the same by any means.

Please find below a copyright infringement notice sent to a site that is making use of streaming servers hosted within your infrastructure to unlawfully broadcast Sky programming. The technical parameters that uniquely identify the stream are as follows, to enable you to trace the specific machine within your infrastructure.

content owner: Sky UK Limited
timestamp seen: 2018-08-25 04:39:28
ip address:
tcUrl: http://k154.sportsbar.pw/lba/123/g8/SkyMainEvent-423799740.ts
pageUrl: https://sportsbar.pw/SkyMainEvent.html
contact email: operations@friendmts.com

The stream above may not allow direct access to the video, however we have observed the stream as playable when it is embedded into a page.

This site is likely not hosted on your infrastructure, and the above URLs more accurately reference the stream itself, however we are including this page solely for convenience to be able to see the stream in question.

As the copyright infringement notice makes clear, the operators of the site referred to above are, amongst other things, infringing our client’s copyright, and/or unlawfully using its trademarks. As the provider of the service used to effect this unlawful activity, we request that you take immediate steps to disable the site. A failure to do so will mean that any defences you may otherwise have had under the E-Commerce Directive or equivalent legislation will be lost, and you could be required to pay damages and/or penalties for, amongst other things, infringement of copyright in the works described below.

Please confirm within 10 minutes by email to skymonitoring@friendmts.com, retaining our Incident ID in the subject line, that you have complied with the above. You may also respond by fax to +44 121 633 2001. Our client expressly reserves its rights to pursue all available remedies and have enforced all available penalties in the event of non-compliance by you with this notice.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Friend

Friend MTS Limited
Eleven Brindleyplace
2 Brunswick Square
B1 2LP

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