[Online] Warning — new security alert A-194338

Dear Abuse service,

According to our information you are serving site www.lukoil-center.com. We inform you that this site violates our rights on the «LUKOIL» trademark and company name. Also the information on site www.lukoil-center.com was posted without our permission.

The official «LUKOIL» corporate sites are only www.lukoil.com and www.lukoil.ru.

Since the existence of site www.lukoil-center.com may cause damage to PJSC "LUKOIL", our business reputation and also creates the possibility of using this resource for illegal purposes, we ask you to take the necessary measures to block the site.

Please send us a response indicating the actions you would have taken to resolve this matter.

Kind regards, Olga P. Nemkina

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