Abuse Message [AbuseID:432967:10]: AbuseNormal: URGENT — Live stream copyright infringement notification for, ID 1323179636

To whom it may concern:

Our reference: PRB-1323179636
Security Code: 922ba93d-3383-4967-a298-04a17a2e304f

Access to the IP address detailed below has been blocked in the United
Kingdom by court order because it was observed delivering an infringing
live stream of footage of GW 11, Manchester City v Arsenal, 5 Nov 2017 — KO
14:15 UTC on 05 Nov 2017.

The block will apply to:
IP Address:
For all Premier League Match Periods Until: 05 Nov 2017

Further notifications will not be sent about this IP address unless and
until further infringements are detected after the date and time indicated
above, though the IP address will remain subject to blocking until then.

A copy of the court order, which was obtained by the Football Association
Premier League Limited is available here:

Any affected server operator or hosting provider has the right to apply to
the Court to discharge or vary the Order.

** Validity verification **

This message has been sent on behalf of the Premier League by Friend MTS
All messages of this type will be sent from the email address
The friendmts.com domain name has an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record
in place, and we make use of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to enable
recipients to detect email spoofing. Should either of these checks fail on
this message we would recommend discarding it.
Notifications carry a unique reference number at the top, and this is
paired with a unique Security Code.
In order to validate authenticity further, a copy of this message is
stored at:

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